Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November Art Walk Featuring "DIABLOS" by Victor Melendez.

¡Diablos! is a three-part composition of traditional Mexican masks, devils, and omnipresent spirits connected to being cursed. Inspired by Mexican muralists, the Day of the Dead, and the pageantry of costumes, Victor Meléndez uses bold black lines and vivid colors to capture the magic realism and religiosity of spellbinding masks. His printmaking background of layering ink on ink creates a mysterious quality hidden underneath each mask—a place where Meléndez hides the face, the human, the animal, the darkness. His work, reminiscent of a Day of the Dead altar, celebrates death, refuses to fear it, and feeds the souls of spirits who protect us in life.

Muertitos (“the little dead”) is a term of endearment used in Mexico to refer to deceased loved ones. In this collection of drawings, Victor Meléndez uses both magic and realism to celebrate traditions of Oaxaca and Veracruz in Southern Mexico. From everyday activities like walking a dog or dancing son jarocho to traditional customs like la rama or el portalito, Muertitos reveals glimpses of the vivid culture and rich heritage that heavily influence Mr. Melendez’s work. 

Diablo $250

Jaguar $45

Diablos $45

Calaca Cafe $80

Calaca y Peje $80

Bailador 1 $130

Diablo con Flamas $130

Bailador 2 $130

Holy Diablo $160

Diablo 1 $180

Bowie Creature $220

Diablo 2 $180

Santo Diablo $160

Diablo Santo $160

Rama $120
Portalito $120

Tehuano $120

Tehuana $120

Stickers, Linoleum prints and posters below are available in small quantities come by the shop before we sell out.  

Diablo stickers $3

Calaquita $10

Barbas $20

Diablo $15

Bowie Creature $35
Tigre $35

Agua $35

Calaca con pejelogarto $40

Calaca con Caguama $40

Sea Wolf $20

Tigre Fixi $20
For any more information on any of the pieces please contact us at 206-784-4761

Friday, October 18, 2013

Back in Stock - Joseph Joseph Housewares

Joseph Joseph is back in stock! These brothers continue to 'wow' with their modern designs. We have several new styles to choose from, as well as restocked old favorites.  These space saving designs are perfect for recent grads or someone just starting out on his or her own, as well as anyone with a smaller kitchen or limited storage space.

New 'Rinse, Drain, and Serve' Bowls in Small and Large.
New and Restocked 'Elevation' Utensils -  spatulas, jam jar spoons, and more.

We now have a larger assortment of chopping knives, as well as new vegetable steamers and peelers, and food scales.

Spoon rest -  keep counters free of stains and clutter.

 'Magnetic Stacking Utensil' stand, mortar and pestle, and salt/pepper mill. 

NEW easy release ice cube trays and hand held citrus reamers. Two sizes of 'Fold and Chop' cutting boards, as well as various sizes of cutting boards and non skid mats.

NEW 2-in-1 mashers/spatulas, 2-in-1 spatulas/whisks, skimmers, and hand held colanders.
Multipurpose tools are a great way to save space.

Save counter space with the 'Magnetic Stacking Utensil Stand'

Utensils nest together on the stand...

...and are held together with magnets.

9 Piece Nesting Set (also available in stainless steel).
Keep things organized and compact with this set - components stack and click together. 

9 Piece Nesting Set -
large and small mixing bowls, wire mesh sifter/strainer, colander, 2-in-1 tablespoon/teaspoon, and measuring cup set.

Measuring cup set with 2-in-1 tablespoon/teaspoon.
This set is available for purchase separately from the 9 Piece Nesting set.

'Wash and Drain' - use this to keep veggie peels or scraps from clogging your drain. 

Easily wash and strain produce - fill with water, soak, and drain.

Salad bowl with built in salad tongs

Square colanders- medium and small.
These are a great way to maximize storage space in smaller kitchens

Self draining dish racks - attractive and well designed.