Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cute, Funny, Witty Valentines day cards.

A highlight some of our favorit Valentines day cards.

These cards are printed on sustainably harvested wood.
Letter pressed "Love You"
Vintage imagas with a witty spin.
Are you from the 80's
Letter Press sign language.
Letter Pressed
Now this is LOVE. 
Scratch and Sniff valentines day card kits.
our selection.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Preview of January 12th art walk featuring Nate Stottrup.

Here is a preview of some of the works by Nate Stottrup we will be featuring Tomorrow at Annie's Art and Frame for our January 12th Art Walk from 6 to 9pm. You can view more works by Nate at www.natestottrup.com. and deadendpress.org/about/origin-story/nate-stottrup.

Nate Stottrup

 BIO: I grew up on a pig farm in Litchfield, Minnesota. I discovered comic books in first or second grade and became obsessed with Marvel comics. I have a poor sense of smell. I think texture is the most important quality in food. I live in Ravenna with two awesome roommates and a one-eyed cat.
RESUME: I studied printmaking, illustration and sculpture at Minnesota State University, Moorehead. I created mock-ups and prototypes for Screenlife, a board game company in Seattle. And also designed a board game which was later re-licensed as the less-than-thrilling Dilbert, Escape from Cubeville. I have been a member of Ballard’s printmaking community since 2004 and have shown work throughout the city, state and country. I also illustrate book and album covers, posters, t-shirts and packaging.  In January 2012, The Swamp Wampa, the first e-book featuring my illustrations was released.
MEDIUM/PROJECTS: I am printing away like a rabid hamster inbetween freelance illustration gigs and running Dead End Press.
ARTIST STATEMENT: For me, the most important aspect is to be open to what the image or the work wants to become.  It may become a wave moving across the surface of water, the small random cracks that occur in a desert landscape, the smooth yet pointed contradiction of a thorn, or the lonely oppression of monsters.
INFLUENCES: Paul Simon, Steve Jobs, Kaethe Kollwitz, Michael Barnes, Superman, The Phantom Tollbooth, Shel Silverstein, Edward Gorey, Dr. Seuss, Bruce Springsteen, Alberto Giacometti, Deborah Mae Broad and my parents.
HOBBIES: Throwing pennies in a cup from the couch. Chess. Tennis and raquetball. Random walks around the neighborhood at night with strangers. Video games.

The Little Newt $20


Arrival 4th State 2nd Edition $20

Ballard $20

New Headsm $20

The Green Zone $20
Zombie Thomas Jefferson $20
 A link to our FaceBook events page for more information http://www.facebook.com/events/461242470602769/.