Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Items of the week: Bike Accessories

Now that summer is around the corner we have some great new Bike Accessories in stock to keep your two wheeled ride looking good and keeping you safe.

These Dring Dring Bike Bells are built sturdy with a water proof design and come with an adjustable clamp to fit any bike.

( left to right) Fixie Hex Set, comes with six metric ball end hex keys and can attach to you key ring. 10-in-1 Bone Wrench, this hex bicycle repair tool is small enough to fit in you pocket and made with a solid reinforced handle. U-Lock Key-chain, fun way to keep your keys secured to your person. Bike Spoke Reflectors, Highly reflective bike spokes that clip on to your bike spokes.

(left to right) Flasher Bike Lights, these bike light have three settings, replaceable batteries and attach to your handle bars and seat post. Streamline Bicycle Headlight, this powerful light mounts to your handle bars with a silicone wrap, has a waterproof design, replaceable batteries and two settings. Talking Cat Bike Light, attaches to your bike with secure silicone wraps, be heard, be seen and be safe.

(left to right) Scull LED Bike Lights, these bike light have two settings, replaceable batteries and attach to your handle bars and seat post. Skull Valve Lights, Bright flashing scull LED light that screws into a standard bike tire valve.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Ballard poster by Brainstorm.

This fun Ballard poster highlights our downtown and popular landmarks.
Designed by Brainstorm exclusively for Annie's.

Three color full bleed print with fun illustrations of Ballard landmarks.

The Majestic bay,  old and new Ballard Library 
Market street, Ballard ave and Shilshole ave
Golden Gardens and Sunset Hill parks
The Hiram Chittenden Locks

The poster will be in store on the week of the 14th of April.