Saturday, September 12, 2009

Katrina Whitney - September Artwalk

This month, Annies will be featuring the work of Katrina Whitney. Her whimsical 3-dimensional collages on antique wooden drawers and found objects are rich in color and texture and varied in subject. She describes her work as containing,

"...relics of the past within a menagerie of animals, apparitions, and objects which capture the nostalgia of (my) formative experiences. Collage is not often a medium associated with minimalism, but (I am) drawn to this aesthetic and try to avoid the typical busy and sentimental pitfalls. Whether the content is kitschy and humorous, or somber and serious, it is (my) approach and techniques that give the work continuity. The treatments, paint colors, and found imagery may have an antique appeal, but the compostiions are decidedly simple, clean, and modern."

High-quality prints of her work are also available through Artaissance, a division of Larson-Juhl framing, whose moldings are carried by Annie's. Order prints of her work through Annie's either by visiting our shop in person or by calling us at 206-784-4761. You can visit Artaissance's website at Artaissance for a large collection of Katrina's work and that of other regional and national artists, all of which can be printed to your specifications.

Come and enjoy the Ballard Artwalk this second Saturday, September 12th, from 6-9. Katrina's work will be available for view through October 8th.

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