Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Creative Frame Projects

This 1st place frame job was built by Annie's Art and Frame for the Ever Green Picture Framers Guild event in 2011. Frame shops from around Washington were invited to compete.

Here is a poster with a double mat cut with rounded corners. The bottom mat is black and the top mat is white with a black core. We added a V-grove that exposed the black core in the white mat with a classic design in each corner.

In this project the customer wanted to show his article in a magazine along with the cover. We complimented the magazine cover with an orange bottom mat and added a gray on top. Windows where cut in the mats with rounded corners along with a V-grove on the gray mat to expose the white core. We then floated the page with the article above all the mats to highlight the article and cast a shadow on the mats and cover. Spacers were attached to the glass to keep it off of the artwork and create a small shadowbox effect.  Finally the darker gray frame was introduced.

Close up showing the detail of the mat cut and v-grove along with shadow caused by floating the page .
Here we framed an impromptu sketch by a local artist.  Artwork is floated on the bottom mat with a build-up under the middle mat to create depth. Mats were cut with our Wizard Computerized Mat Cutter. This is a sample of a fun and creative way to cut mats which enhances and interacts with the artwork.

Close up showing the shadow created from the build up under the brown mat.

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  1. Great tutorial! Applying this to my theme right now – can finally finish and get it published. Thank you!!!
    Burun Esteti─či