Monday, November 12, 2012

Photos of November artwalk featuring Kamari (mari) Ichimasu.

Below are a few pictures of November 10th's Artwalk artist Kamari (mari) Ichimasu premiering here stop motion animation Little Oze. We also had live music by rats in the grass.


A link to Little Oze's vimeo page.

Directed by Mari Ichimasu
Music by Tony Fantozzi

    On a rainy day a mouse living alone suddenly recalls her far away home listening to the sound of rain dripping hard on the roof.  She decides to cook miso soup to comfort herself and remind herself of the taste of home. The process of making the soup brings her home back to life inside her heart.

artist statement:
Komari (Mari Ichimasu) is a Seattle based artist born in Tokyo Japan.  Attending art schools in Seattle, Tokyo, and Osaka, her main focuses are stop motion animation and illustration.  Working with a DIY mentality, Mari plays writer, director, builder, and animator when making videos.  Her illustrations are filled with majestically adorable furry creatures and expansive beautifully cold landscapes.  Mari’s imagination is deeper than the darkest watercolor in her palate.  Following the traditions of eastern european masters of animation, Mari builds every puppet and set piece by hand and paints her own backgrounds making every frame shot a one of a kind original.

I have been traveling the world in my imagination called Little Oze.
Anything I see, meet, listen to or feel on this endless trip, I visualize in my projects like writing in a memo pad or journal. There are some interesting views and stories that I can’t help but document.

   Concepts often come from very small ordinary scenes in daily life that are often taken for granted.  My mission is to be the voice and deliver the beauty of everything with a small and quiet existence. ”


Kamari (mari) Ichimasu and curator Jose


Live music by Rats in the Grass.

 You can see more photos on our Facebook page and you can find more info on Mari web page at and

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